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Do you want to download Minecraft for your Android device for Free?

There are tons of games available for Android devices on the different app stores, but none of them is enjoyable like Minecraft,

Minecraft allows users to explore a whole new world where players can craft different Items, Tools, Clothes, Materials, Potions, and much more,

minecraft apk
Minecraft apk

The game is all above survival, where you have to survive by collecting resources like Food, Wood, Coal, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamonds, and most important Shelter.

Mojang Teams (Developer of Minethe Craft Game) has added an amazing feature where you can buy, sell, or, exchange different items,

The simplest way to trade with villagers is:

  • Find a villager, you can find the villager in different biomes like plains, desserts, and savannas.
  • Locate a villager in the village or inside the house, in a village each villager has a specific profession and trades specific items.
  • Tap right-click on the villager to enable the trade option.
  • Now select the items you want to trade with the villagers, all the available items will be shown in the menu.
  • To make the trade just tap on the item, once clicked the item will be exchanged.
  • Repeat the process as many times as you want.

Resources like Food, Leather, and Wool can be found by hunting animals, If you have to keep your health level full all the time then you have to gather food and by hunting animals you can keep your health level consistently full.

By using leather you can create armor for yourself, this armor will keep you protected from Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, Creepers, wild animals and the list goes on.

So make you create armor for yourself,

Wool is as important as food and leather, with wool you can craft beds, carpets, banners, paintings, shears, and wool blocks.

The good thing is that you can trade wool with the villagers, each color of wool has different values.

Key Features of Minecraft

Different Kind of Materials

Materials such as wood, stone, iron, gold, and diamond, You can craft weapons such as swords, bows, and arrows to defend yourself against hostile mobs and other players (If you playing in online mode).

You can also combine different materials such as leather, iron, gold, and diamond to create Armor that protects against attacks and damage.

Players also have the option to craft potions using different ingredients such as a nether wart, blaze powder, and spider eyes. Potions can provide various benefits such as healing, speed, strength, and more.

Survival mode

In this mode, players have to do everything by themself such as collecting, resources, and food, building shelter themself, 

If you’re the kind of user who likes to start and build everything from scratch then the Survival mode is perfect for you,

Creative mode

On the other hand if, you like to build different and unique houshousesn creative mode is for you,/ima

In the creative more players have unlimited resources and can build and create without any limitations or threats.

Explore a new World

Minecraft is one of the biggest open worlds and there are so many different places to explore,

Places like vast, expansive worlds filled with caves, mountains, oceans, and more. Some of them are hidden so you have to consistently explore the world to find all these places.

Endgame Story Content

A game with a story or a Goal is boring to play, and the Minecraft game developer team knows that, that’s why they added an endgame story into this game.

To finish the game and complete its storyline, players must defeat the Ender Dragon, a powerful boss. Once the player successfully overcomes this challenge, the game’s story will come to a close.

Frequently Asked Questions

Minecraft Minimum requirement Android

Android5.0 and up

How to Download Minecraft On Android FREE?

It’s easy to download the Minecraft game for free on your Android device from the Bigmod.io website. Simply follow a few straightforward steps.

  1. Click the download button mentioned in the post.
  2. Wait on the next page until the download link is generated.
  3. Click on the generated download link.
  4. The game file will now start downloading on your device.

How to Install Minecraft on Android?

To install the downloaded Minecraft apk file on your Android device you can follow the simple steps mentioned below.

  1. Open your default file manager app on your device.
  2. Now go to the download folder or the apk file is saved after download.
  3. Click on the apk file, then click on the install option.
  4. Wait for the unit the app installed on your device.
  5. Once the Minecraft apk file is installed, you can start playing the game.

Is Minecraft an online or offline game for Android?

Minecraft for Android is a completely offline game and doesn’t require kind of internet connection to play, However, if, you want to play the game with multiple players in the online mode thither Android device requires be connected to an internet connection, but you can play the game along with all the key features mentioned above without internet connection.

The Minecraft Android version is similar to the PC version and the Minecraft Java editor. If you don’t have access to a PC, you can still enjoy all the amazing gameplay content and explore the open world full of thrill and suspense on Minecraft Android. Plus, the best thing is that you can download it for free from our website, Use the down button below to download the game.