Hollow Knight Apk v1.5.78.11833 [Latest] Download | Android

hollow knight apk

By Team Cherry

Hollow Knight Apk v1.5.78.11833 [Latest] Download | Android

Version v1.5.78.11833

Updated 28 Mar, 2024

Size 532 MB


Hollow Knight Apk - The game offers beautiful hand-drawn art, an atmospheric world, and challenging gameplay, best fit for people who love playing adventure games.

The story of this game unfolds in the mysterious and desolate kingdom of Hallownest, where players take on the role of a silent and nameless knight known as the "Hollow Knight."

As you more deeper into the underground world of Hallownest, you will uncover the kingdom's rich history, encountering various characters, creatures, and factions along the way.

If you like to explore different locations, Combat fighting, Boss Battles, and other elements then this is a perfect game.

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