5 Camera Apps For Mobile Photographers with (PRO Features)

by Faruk, Friday, 24 December 2021 (1 year ago)

Do you want to know about some of the top Camera apps which are used by professional photographers?

Nowadays even if you have a normal Android device then you can use that device to improve your photography and can take amazing photos just like a professional photographer.

If you are interested in taking amazing photos by just using your Android device then keep reading the blog because in today’s post we have mentioned some of the most amazing camera apps that you can use on your Android smartphone to take beautiful photos.

The apps we have mentioned in this post are free to use and hence there are a lot of amazing features that you can use for stunning shots,

On the other hand, some apps require a premium subscription to unlock their features but don’t worry about it because using only the free features you can be able to take amazing shots without any problems.

1. Google Camera

If you ever used a Google Pixel smartphone before or if you are currently using it, then you know that the quality of the images shot from a Pixel smartphone are amazing,

Now you may be wondering how it works because the smartphone comes with a single camera with a normal sensor and lens just like other normal Android smartphones.

Well, the answer is simple, Google uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) or other technology in their apps and that’s why the camera is able to take amazing pictures like HDR+, Shoot at 4K 60 FPS, Video Stabilization, Night Sight, and more.

And the best thing is that you can use the same Google Camera app on your Android device to take amazing pictures even if your smartphone doesn’t come with a high-quality sensor and lens.

The XDA developers make it possible to use this application on other Android devices, and you just need to download the apk file and install it on your Android smartphone. That’s it, you’re good to use the app now.

2. Camera MX

If you looking for some of the amazing features like Live Shot, Shot-The-Past, and 360° Panorama the Open Camera app is best for you,

The best thing about this application is that you can download and use this app for free of cost, Just look for Open Camera on Google Playstore,

Now let’s see which features make this app amazing. If you want to take Live pictures then this is one of the best apps. As you may know, on iPhone you can shoot Live pictures which means the picture will be live for a movement.

So if you want to same on your Android device then you must check out Open Camera,

Other features like Shot-The-Past where you can able to shoot the picture before you click the shutter button, and using the 360° panorama feature you are able to take 360° images.

3. Open Camera

The next camera app will be most helpful for those who want to shoot videos by using just by their smartphone,

This app has an amazing feature called Exposure Lock, what it does is while taking phones or recording videos the brightness/exposure of the video/image will become the same.

Once you are satisfied with the video/image exposure you can click on the lock icon on the top-left corner and the exposure will be the same while shooting videos and clicking images.

There are so many other features like Video Stabilization, Noise Cancellation, Face Detection, Autofocus, and much more, and you can download this application from the google play store for free of cost.

4.  Pixita

Looking for an Application where you can use so many amazing features in one single place then this Pixita app for you,

If you are highly active on social media platforms then you much download this app, now you may be thinking why should I use this app if I use social media a lot,

Well, using this app you can create a meme in just one single click, also it is very simple to add stickers to your images and videos, you can also add so many effects to your friends because this Pixita app comes with an inbuilt photo/video editor.

And the feature that I liked the most is the one-click feature, using this feature you can shoot a photo and so many features will be added to it automatically, I’m sure that you are going to love this feature too.

5. A Better Camera

If you want to make so many changes to your app before the shot or want to play the ISO and other pro options then A Better Camera is right for you.

If you really want to shoot an image with every single detail just like a professional then I highly recommend you to download the application from the google play store.

All the features of this app can be used for free of cost and without a monthly subscription so do not forget to give it a try to the A Better Camera app.

I hope this post helps you to find the Camera App For Android devices. You may also want to know How to Start a Home-Based Photography Business or Food Photography: How to Take Food Photos [Ultimate Checklist].

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