GB WhatsApp Apk [Unbannable Version] v17.80

gb whatsapp apk


GB WhatsApp Apk [Unbannable Version] v17.80

Version v17.80

Updated Apr 6, 2024

Size 114 MB


GB WhatsApp Apk - allows you to access so many extra features that are not available on the official WhatsApp app, also you can use a separate account with another number by using this GB app.

There is no official full form of the word "GB" available on the internet, GB could be the name of the creator of the modder of this app.

As I mentioned you can use so many features using this app like auto-reply, changing theme, app icon, hiding status, sending large files, sending maximum pictures, app lock, multiple accounts, hiding blue ticks, amazing fonts, and more.

Each of the features will be helpful in your daily life and you can save a of time by implementing these features in your day-to-day access of the WhatsApp app.

One of the good things is that you can use all the features of the GB WhatsApp. It is free and doesn't require a monthly premium subscription.

Who should use GB WhatsApp Apk?

Requirement for GB WhatsApp


This app is a great choice if you want to use multiple options on the same device and want to use some additional features, remember to use the link mentioned below to use the latest version of this game.

Please do not use this app to send sensitive messages, documents, or any other important message because this app's server has been modified and your personal could be leaked on the internet.

Having any trouble while installing or using this app? join our Telegram channel and share the issue with me and I'll do my best to fix your issue.

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