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NameGB WhatsApp
MOD FeaturesPremium
PublisherGB WhatsApp LLC
Package Namecom.whatsapp
Size69 MB

Want to download the latest version of the GB WhatsApp download app for Android devices?

Without using any third-party second space app if you want to use two WhatsApp on the same device then GB WhatsApp is the option.

In addition to having the option of using two instances of WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp APK offers numerous advantages. This application is loaded with a variety of extra features, including automatic replies, the ability to conceal online status, and many other functionalities.

If you want to know all the features that GB WhatsApp comes with you can read the below section.

What Fetaures GB WhatsApp has?

  1. Dual WhatsApp Accounts: GB WhatsApp allows you to run two WhatsApp accounts on the same device, which is useful for those who need to manage personal and work accounts separately.
  2. Custom Themes: You can apply custom themes to the app, changing the overall look and feel of your WhatsApp interface.
  3. Privacy Features:
    • Hide Online Status: You can hide your online status so that others can’t see when you are using WhatsApp.
    • Hide Blue Ticks, Second Tick, and Typing Status: You can prevent others from knowing if you’ve read their messages or when you’re typing a response.
    • Hide View Status: You can view others’ status updates without notifying them.
  4. Anti-Delete Messages: With this feature enabled, you can read messages that have been deleted by the sender.
  5. Extended Media Sharing: GB WhatsApp allows larger video and audio files to be shared, overcoming the restrictions present in the official app.
  6. Message Scheduling: You can schedule messages to be sent at a specific time, which can be useful for sending birthday wishes or reminders.
  7. Auto Reply: You can set up automatic replies to incoming messages, helpful when you’re unable to respond immediately.
  8. DND Mode: The “Do Not Disturb” mode in GB WhatsApp lets you disable internet access for the app, preventing messages from being sent or received temporarily.
  9. Custom Fonts: You can change the font style of the app’s text to suit your preference.
  10. Lock Chats: Individual chats or groups can be locked with a password or fingerprint for added privacy.
  11. In-App Video Player: GB WhatsApp offers an in-app video player, allowing you to watch videos without leaving the app.
  12. Increased Group Member Limit: GB WhatsApp has a higher limit for the number of participants in a group chat compared to the official WhatsApp.
  13. Status Character Limit: You can post longer text statuses than the official WhatsApp allows

Now you know all the features of the GB WhatsApp Android app but before downloading the app directly you must check the pros and cons of this app.

Pros and Cons of GB WhatsApp


  1. Additional Features: Modified versions like GB WhatsApp often offer features not available in the official app, such as customization options, enhanced privacy settings, and more.
  2. Customization: You can personalize the app’s appearance with themes and fonts, allowing you to create a unique user experience.
  3. Privacy Options: Some modified apps provide advanced privacy settings, letting you control who sees your online status, read receipts, and more.
  4. Multi-Account Support: You can manage multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device using a modified version, which can be beneficial for separating personal and professional communication.
  5. Increased Media Sharing Limits: Some modified versions allow you to send larger files and share media with less restriction compared to the official app.
  6. Auto Reply and Scheduling: The ability to schedule messages and set up auto replies can be useful for managing communication more efficiently.
  7. Bypassing Restrictions: Modified apps may offer workarounds to certain WhatsApp limitations, like being able to read deleted messages.


  1. Security Risks: Modified apps are not developed by the official WhatsApp team and might not undergo the same security testing. They could potentially expose your device to security vulnerabilities or malware.
  2. Violation of Terms: Using modified versions might violate WhatsApp’s terms of service, risking account bans or other consequences.
  3. Lack of Official Support: If you encounter issues with a modified app, you might not have access to official customer support to resolve those problems.
  4. Unreliable Updates: Modified apps may not receive regular updates or bug fixes, leaving you with outdated features or potential bugs.
  5. Data Privacy: Since modified apps aren’t subject to the same regulations and security standards as official apps, your data might be at a higher risk of being accessed without your consent.
  6. Loss of Data: There’s a chance that switching between official and modified apps might result in data loss or compatibility issues.
  7. App Stability: Modified apps can sometimes be less stable than the official app, leading to crashes or performance issues.
  8. Account Bans: WhatsApp might detect the use of modified versions and ban accounts associated with them, causing you to lose access to your account and contacts.

If you decide to use GB WhatsApp, be cautious not to use your primary account, as your data could be vulnerable to theft or misuse.

How to Download GB WhatsApp Apk on Android?

If you are confused about downloading the GB Whatsapp Process then I mentioned the simple step below follow it for Downloading the app.

  1. Click on the Download button available on this game.
  2. Wait while the downloading link is generated.
  3. Once the download link is generated click on it.
  4. Now the Game file starts downloading on your device.

If you are able to download the GB WhatsApp apk for your Android device then bookmark this page for future reference, Also share this page with your friends so that they can access all the Premium apps for free.